What exactly is 3D animation?

3D animation is a way to showcase your product in a 3D space through video. Over time it has seen significant advances and improvements, all thanks to its multiple purposes.

These 3D product videos have become cheaper, and many an industry uses them to advertise different products or services. Almost all industries use it, including the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, to simplify the explanation of the functionality of any complex products they develop, such as medical tools new drugs, among others.

3D Animated product videos are a sure way to boost your sales because they are a form of edutainment that engages your customers.

In this article are a few reasons why you should include 3D product animation in your marketing approach;

3D is very profitable.

In the long run, making your product videos 3D animated as a marketing strategy is cheaper and more profitable for your business. As an art, 3D animation is entirely reusable, i.e. you can use multiple reusable materials unlike any other type of advertising that would require fresh material and capital to redo.

An unforgettable experience.

Want to leave a mark? Use 3D animation. This approach lets you flaunt your product and features with good detail that’s hard to forget. It’s easier to capture the attention of your viewers and engage them in communication with the brand using 3D animation, which promotes brand loyalty. The interactivity of 3D animation will put you miles ahead of your competition.

Attention grabber.

A well-executed 3D animation video can grab viewers’ attention with your product at its centre, which gives 3D the ability to engage your potential customers by showcasing your product in a virtual 360◦ view. Chances are four times higher for people to watch a video about a product than reading an article about it. In simpler terms, with a 3D product animation available on your website, it’s likely to attract and keep your consumers attentive.

This way, you get to enlighten your potential customers on the details of your product and any vital feature in real-time, making it an exciting and memorable experience for the customers, eventually paying off in increased sales.

Easier product explanation

The use of realistic 3D animation content lowers the complexity of any product for you and your potential customer. It ensures that explaining your development and its use is easier,  faster, and more straightforward. A 30-second clear animation can explain everything better than a 2 minute TV ad.

Adaptability to needs

These animations are way more flexible than actual videos; they shed more light on the concept of every imaginable place and thing that piques the user’s interest and allows them to share as much as they can. 3D Animations easily explain complex concepts with flexibility and fun.


3D animations are available online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allowing you to promote your product consistently. After creation, your animation advertises your product to your customers anywhere in the world whenever they need to see it making it the ideal way to showcase its features.

It doesn’t matter which side of the hemisphere your customers are on; your 3D animation is readily available for them to view in whichever time zone too. Now that’s convenient!

Increased reach.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and every other social media platform are channels curated to promote 3D animation. Every marketer is well aware that social media is critical to promote products as it’s easier to reach your target audience.

Merge with this with well-executed, engaging 3D animations; you can create visuals that can grab your audience’s attention with positive results. The higher the quality of your animation, the more your audience will share it hence expanding the reach of your product.

Besides increasing sales, it also creates brand awareness among your followers. It’s common knowledge that your site traffic increases with the more followers you gain on social media.


For your business to succeed, i.e. increase sales, you ought to get new customers and retain the already existing ones. 3D animation is your solution. With 3D animation, your credibility among your customers, both your current and potential ones, is bound to grow.

When you make an informative and instructional video, you give your customers extra value by explaining the features of any of your products that they wouldn’t usually use. These explanations grow trust in your company and your product which translates to credibility among your old customers and enables you to attract newer ones hence the growth of your business. You could create ‘how-to videos for all your customers with such animations.


With the business space growing more and more competitive by the day, it’s safe to say that the ideal way to grow your business is by reaching out to your customers, and an exciting way to do that is with 3D product animation. These animations aid you in reaching your customers in an interactive, engaging and memorable way.

In a touch of simplicity, 3D animation breathes life into your product in ways images and text could never communicate clearly and precisely. 3D animation is a go-to marketing tool for many companies in all industries, as it promotes, explains, and even demonstrates all kinds of products, regardless of their complexity, making it the best form of content creation for your company.

With proper execution, 3D animation puts you ahead of the curve and with all the competition, this could come in handy for your brand.

Conclusion: Many reasons express the importance of 3D animations for your product marketing; they enable your product to be noticed in several ways. It delivers information precisely and memorably, making it simple to grasp and learn for your customers. These animations are accessible, affordable, attractive, exciting and the best part is that the return on investment on animations is notably higher as you can re-use it in different media with the same file.

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