Exterior Renovations That Add Value to Your Property/Home

When it comes to renovations, there are so many to choose from. And if you have no idea or basis about where to start from, everything your contractor brings up may sound good to you. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that all new improvements will do your home justice.

One thing to note is that all home renovations should add value to your property. In this way, there is that assurance that you will get your money’s worth or more in case you sell your home. Great exterior renovations are wise investments.

Still figuring out which improvements will add lasting value to your home? Rest. Here they are:

#1: New roof

A house’s roofing matters a lot. One thing that chases away prospective buyers or visitors is the state of the roof.

You can see an outdated and old roof from a glance. A person doesn’t need to enter the house to see the state of the roof. A worn roof is there for all to see. You can’t hide its bad condition.

On the other hand, a good roof shows the house’s condition. It doesn’t only add value to a house, but it safeguards your other investments in the house’s interior, say the walls, floors, and all. So it goes without saying that the roof is an essential aspect when renovating the house.

#2: The windows /siding

There are things or features that make a house look more expensive. Things that give a house a certain character or feel. Windows are examples of such things. Remember the saying about eyes being the window to a soul? Well, windows reflect the glory or essence of your house.

Although windows are costly, they are a winner when it comes to upping your house game. They totally change the entire value and character of the home. During renovations, look for particular window styles or designs if you want a particular look. For the contemporary look, go for the vertical boards or panelized systems and batten siding.

If you are going for the craftsman homes, you can check out the decorative grill windows.

Great windows make a home pretty. And the more a house has a great exterior design/ appearance, it will be worth much more.

#3: Doors (the entry doors, side door and garage)

The first impression at a glance can sell your home at a hefty price.

The more value is attached to the doors; the more value is attached to your house or property. So get doors with unique features or creative designs that add character, authenticity and increase your home’s curb appeal.

Not to forget, high-quality doors are an asset when it comes to security and durability.


#4: Give your exteriors a professional paint job.

When adding value to your home, a professional touch is best. Fresh paint (and great colours) give a great first impression and add value to your home.

The great thing about painting is that it is one of the least expensive ways of renovating your house’s exterior. Fresh paint livens a home, making it look new and updated.

Note: Before adding a layer of fresh paint, ensure that the area you will paint is clean and free of mould and dirt. Doing this will create an excellent finish.

#5: Make use of your backyard.

Install a patio. If you have a great landscape, then it means that the outdoor scenery is great. And what better way to enjoy sitting outdoors than installing a patio.

Creating a patio improves your outside living area while at the same time improving the value of your home. Though creating a deck needs a bit of investment, its returns are greater (about 69%) when you sell your property.

#6: Landscaping

When you have a remarkable art piece, you need to add a setting or background that adds value or magnifies the value of your work. This is what great landscaping does. It increases the value of your house.

Landscaping can increase your property’s value by 20%. But not just any landscaping attracts value; it is a great and planned landscaping design that attracts buyers. It considers the present and future needs and includes a lot of components, say, the footpaths, hardscape, seating area, parking space, fencing, lighting, greenery, etc.

To get a great landscaping design, have an idea of what you want the finished product, draw a plan, mix all the right elements, invest time and effort.


A great exterior sells a house or property at first glance. Thoughtful and planned exterior renovations won’t just beautify your home, but will also turn it into a high return investment. So, invest in your home renovations.

And while at it, hire the services of an exterior design expert to plan and create the renovations that are a cause of pride and profit.

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