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Humans have been building infrastructures and discovering many ways to make their lives more comfortable. If you want to make your home comfortable, then AoI Studios is right here to make your wish come true. Lately, improvement in computer software applications has achieved speed in building structures.

Building Information Modeling, typically known as BIM, has been creating the world of building construction more profit-making and has already gained popularity in Uganda.


Constructing digital models under BIM methodology contains valuable information of all the architecture, structure, and facilities / MEP disciplines. This process makes it simpler to study the complexity and evolution of the project, detecting all possible errors and problems that one may experience during its design and documentation phase.





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About the project

Our commitment is to define and combine all architectural, structural, and MEP elements within a 3D model holding geometry and data associated with each other in a single database.

How we do it

We provide services for making families and personalized content of BIM objects for your company, as well as creating your work template according to your needs, your own BIM library, and your catalog of products according to manufacturers.

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