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AoI Studios UG comprise a team of multi-talented and enthusiastic people, working together to push boundaries in the graphics world. We do Architectural designs, branding, art, 3D computer designs, all kinds of printing, and high-quality embroidery 

Goal focussed

Our clearly defined goals are communicated to our talented team members and tracked regularly. It makes our talents and resources not put to waste. The more we focus on our goals, the better we’ve delivered, and our aim is to achieve the client’s desired results.

Continuous improvement

The ongoing improvement of our clients’ work has elevated us in the design field. We do this through incremental and breakthrough improvements to come up with total quality work, and it has improved our team’s talents and skills, as we emphasize reducing variations, defects, and cycle times.


To be the leading hub of all kinds of designs in the country

Deliver outstanding visual communication and service that raises our clients’ value

Deliver extraordinary visual content that sets us apart from the rest and improves our value to the customer

Our Mission

  1. To give focus on satisfying the needs of our clients by delivering highly effective solutions designed through the skills of a carefully selected talented team of accomplished artists,
  2. Consistently deliver the highest and unique quality of visual effects and 3D artwork.
  3. Surpass our customers’ expectations through personal commitment to outstanding service and follow-up
  4. Provide a good environment that empowers our team to flourish and realize its artistic vision
  5. Embrace and draw on the richness of diversity that different nationalities, cultures, and ideas bring to our team

Design Process

The process we

Coming up with an effective and clear design, whether it’s an architectural or 3D computer design, can make a huge impression on your business. Having proper techniques, methods and processes help better solve any problems while also responding to the client’s needs. With these processes, we can be able to develop and design the best possible designs for you.


Planning helps us to be answerable for what we do and decide how best to use our resources so that we make the most significant contribution to achieving our goal


Here we need to get a rough idea of how long it will take to design, how much input will cost, and the effect the design will have. Then the idea will be taken to a decision-making team 


The design process is easier to regulate, optimizes efficiency, and produces more consistent results. It also helps internal personnel, management, and clients to understand how certain activities will play out in the final work.


Here the work will be assigned to a person responsible for designing and development and takes its course along with the task or specifications of what’s needed. In case of any outsourcing, the task and price are determined accordingly.

Meet our team

Tayebwa Jason

3D Architectural designer and grapics Designer

Kananura Raymond

2D and 3D Animator

Tumusiime Martin

Image Editor, Digital Ink and paint Artist

Nakangwagi Nicole

2D and 3D Graphics Designer

Meet our team

John Doe

Software Engineer

John Doe

Software Engineer

John Doe

Software Engineer

John Doe

Software Engineer

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